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Why Using a Small Locally Owned Pest Control Company vs. A Large National Chain is better

Personal one-on-one service from a caring local pest and termite control company with honesty and integrity along with on-time service is one of the main reasons to use a locally owned family business vs. a large national chain.

With the large companies, they have much bigger expenses such as advertising and television ads where these costs are passed on to you through higher prices.

Many times, your first contact with a pest control company is through a commission-only sales person and not the actual pest control expert who is sent to sell you pest control services that you may not even need.

By working with a locally owned pest control company such as A Pro2Call, we will never try to sell you pest control services or upcharges for services that you do not need to manage, prevent and control all of your pest issues. You will always get the personal touch of a family owned business with courteous and professional service.

Additionally, with larger national chain pest control companies with a lot of employees, it’s almost impossible to make them care as much as a small business owner does. The buck doesn’t stop there and it doesn’t affect the employee.

And many times the termite contracts used by large national companies are loaded with loopholes on the back, designed by their attorneys to prevent them from doing the right thing. If they lose a customer here or there, it’s no big deal to them.

Using a locally owned small family company, the buck stops here where the business owners are directly involved with the customers, care about the service and their clients far more than a corporations’ employees. Therefore we will perform a more thorough service to protect your home & family from termites and pests.

At A Pro2Call Termite and Pest Control, you will always get affordable residential pest protection with our superior service. We value your time and busy schedule and know what it’s like spending the part of your day waiting for a service technician to arrive at your home.

With A Pro2Call Termite and Pest Control, your waiting is over. We promise to always give you an exact time appointment that works best for your schedule. You have the option of early morning, evening and Saturday appointments to more better accommodate you our customer without any additional service charges.

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