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It’s Spring; It’s Termite Season

When the nuptial flights of the termites happen, it usually causes a big headache for homeowners around the country, but even more in Central Florida. Swarming is the nuptial flight to mate and create new termite colonies. Swarmers, looking to start a new colony, are typically the first sign of termite season.

Termites cause billions in damage each year and homeowners battle a new infestation each spring when the swarming of the termites occurs. Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. Termite control & treatment is essential for every homeowner.

Like in many other areas of the Central Florida, Lake Mary and Oviedo experience this phenomenon in the spring of each year. While most new infestations are discovered between March and May, it is important to get your property inspected for termite damage and a possible infestation. Warmer temperatures trigger the swarming of the subterranean termites. They shed their wings after they find a suitable location for a new colony and mate.

Ants and termites swarm around the same time and it can be a little tricky for homeowners to determine if they indeed have a swarm of winged termites or ants on their hands. In contrast to termites, ants have a tiny waist, their forewings are larger, and they have elbowed antennae.

Tell-tale signs of an infestation are winged termites emerging from walls, carpets, and around patios and porches. Mud tubes, little earthen tubes visible on floor joists, walls, and support beams are signs of a termite problem. Damage to wood can occur undetected for a long time as it occurs on the inside.

Protecting your home from termites is best done through termite treatment by a professional and experienced pest control company. Many homeowners try to avoid the expense of a termite service and treat their homes with chemicals and gadgets available at the home improvement store. This can be a costly mistake as these chemicals are not as potent as the liquid that pest control companies use.

A termite warranty with a reputable pest control company also includes a bi-annual free termite inspection, industrial grade pesticide for the treatment, as well as a warranty to repair damages caused by termites while under the warranty.

A small infestation and the associated damages most often surpass the cost of the termite warranty itself. It is definitely more costly to be forced to retreat the structure after an infestation than to maintain a termite warranty.

Homeowners can minimize their risk of being the next target of swarming termites by adhering to a few guidelines. Directing downspouts away from the building, removal of debris, trash, and dead trees from the yard, as well as keeping mulch and landscape away from the house can help in avoiding an infestation.

Homeowners should also avoid ground to wood contact if possible. Using this common sense approach will lower a homeowner’s risk of being the next target of swarming termites looking for a new domicile.

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