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1 in 5 homes have been or
will be attacked by termites
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The biggest problem with termites is that once you see the damage, it could be too late. Termite damage to buildings in the United States is greater than that of fires, storms and floods combined, causing billions of dollars in damage with Florida being the top state in the country with termites.

Termites are wood destroying pests that pose a definite threat to all homeowners. Our Experience as trained professional termite exterminators can help you avoid problems with our termite control treatments. Plus, we back up our termite control products and services with a renewable service agreement.

Termite protection is very important if you live in the south, especially in Central Florida. It’s not IF you will get termites, but WHEN. Termites can find a way inside any structure! That’s why advanced treatment methods for termite protection and control are necessary.

In addition to the standard outside perimeter treatment that our business offers, we treat the known entry points on the inside of the house such as the place where the water pipes come through the floor that feed the water related appliances that include showers, sinks and toilets.

A termite inspection by a licensed professional is the first step in termite treatment and protection of your property from these voracious pests.

Offering unsurpassed termite control, A Pro2Call of Central Florida goes above the call of duty to protect your family’s health and property while caring for our environment. A Pro2Call only uses the most advanced technology available to provide industry-leading termite protection for your home.

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Eastern Subterranean Termites

The Eastern subterranean termite is considered a serious economic timber pest and it is estimated that in high activity areas such as Central Florida, more than 1 in 5 homes have been or will be attacked by termites.

When thinking about effective termite treatment options, it is imperative to first identify the source of the termite problem in your home. However, most homeowners will not be able to detect termites and that is the #1 reason you need a professional termite & pest control company to do a FREE home inspection.

A Pro2Call offers termite control for re-treatment or repair warranty and we only use Termidor for subterranean termites.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites eat across the wood grain and make chambers or galleries connected by tunnels. Other signs of infestation include the presence of swarmers or their shed wings, piles of fecal pellets, termite plugs which seal all openings in infested wood, and surface blisters caused by older enlarged galleries very close to the wood surface.

Occasionally Drywood termites may build shelter tubes constructed of pellets cemented together to bridge over to an adjacent piece of wood.

For Drywood termites we offer a “no-tent” treatment which is a whole house treatment and includes a lifetime warranty.

How can we offer a lifetime warranty? We use a long-lasting residual product called Timbor Pro and we do not just do a spot treatment, but every single wall inside the house.


Termite treatment is definitely not recommended for the do-it-yourselfer using over the counter products because it’s nearly impossible to exterminate and eliminate these very aggressive pests. This is why you must use an experienced professionally trained termite exterminator.

A Pro2Call Termite and Pest Control uses Termidor which is a non-repellent treatment and will take it back the colony eliminating termites every time. The termites nest in the soil for moisture but can also nest in wood that is wet or damp. Through treatment, we drill a small hole in the wall void to treat with Termidor foam.


Termidor uses an advanced undetectable liquid technology. That means that termites don’t know it’s there and travel through it, ingest it and become carriers. Termites are very “social” insects and transfer Termidor to other colony members.

They in turn become secondary carriers, transferring Termidor to other termites while behaving normally transfer it to other termites spreading it like a virus throughout the entire colony.

This is called the “transfer effect” and it delivers devastating results to termites maximizing the protection to your home. Studies show that no other products, whether liquid or bait, can equal Termidor’s fast acting, long-term results with 100% total colony elimination 100% of the time.


Termites cause over 6 billion dollars in damage in the U.S. annually

  • Termidor is Americas # 1 defense with over 4 million homes treated since 2000
  • The world’s most effective termiticide
  • The USDA testing shows Termidor is 100% effective for over 15 years and still going strong
  • Termidor starts working immediately and completely eliminates termites faster than any other product.
  • Responsible low dose, no odor Termidor can only be applied by Licensed professionals who have been properly trained

For more information on Termidor, visit their web site at www.termidorhome.com


How the warranty works:

With A Pro2Call Termite and Pest Control, once a termite treatment is complete, it comes with a one year warranty. That warranty is renewable year after year for a period of time. All termite companies’ warranties are written like that. The difference is how long of a period of time each company offers.

Some companies, like ours, have a Lifetime renewable warranty. Other termite control companies have a limited number of years that they warranty their work.

Why is this?

The label on any termiticide is the LAW. It reads, “No termite treatment can be performed on a structure after the initial treatment, unless termite activity is found or strongly suspected”.

The only way that a termite company can legally treat a house, and charge you for it, is if there is no active termite warranty on the house.

The house does not have to be treated every 10 years, the only way other termite control companies can justify charging you for another full treatment is if your warranty expires. In most cases, it’s all about the money with other companies.

With a lifetime renewable warranty, A Pro2Call Termite and Pest Control is motivated to perform a perfect treatment so you never have to pay for treatment costs again!

With our lifetime renewable warranty, we are motivated to perform a perfect treatment
so you never pay treatment costs again!

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